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Need to know more about loveBurmese?

Burmese kittens for sale in the UK
Burmese kittens for sale in the UK

About me

I've been owned by Burmese cats and loved them in turn since I moved into my first home 30 years ago. I used to think I had a unique (or at least unusual) cat until I discovered all Burmese owners tell the same kind of stories. I was hooked.

I've spent far too many years working in advertising, mostly in direct marketing, lastly in a top ten London agency. I love what can be done with the internet, and can't help wanting to organise data and make it easy to access. You can probably see why loveBurmese came into being.

Email addresses

Email addresses given on this site have been 'obfuscated' using a nifty bit of software. This makes it much more difficult for 'spam bots' to harvest emails from this site.

Telephone numbers

To make sure search engines don't give too much breeder information away, all telephone numbers shown are small image files. Search engines can only read limited information from these files… this means that actual telephone numbers will not appear on search engine results from loveBurmese.

Are all breeders listed on loveBurmese?

No, not all of them. We want to make sure everyone who appears on loveBurmese is happy to be here, and that our information is completely up-to-date… we know how frustrating it is to follow a dead link. We couldn't contact some of the people we found, so we can't say for sure if they are still breeding. We do have a list of a few other prefixes… so remember, 'Google is your friend'!

How do I know your information is up-to-date?

We send out a small survey every three months or so to the breeders listed on loveBurmese asking them if their details have changed. If they have, we update the site right away. We check external links as often as we can, but they do change... if you find a link that has expired, please let us know.

Why the south of England?

Well, it used to be just Burmese breeders within an hour or so drive of junction nine of the M25. I knew I would want to see any kittens as much as the breeder would let me, so the closest ones appeared on loveBurmese. As the site became well known, it expanded with more and more breeders being included. Now, in the 'summer' of 2012, loveBurmese goes national and includes most of the UK!

My Geographical knowledge

Ahem. Geography never was my strong point. So, if I have a contact in 'south east' that should be in 'south west', well, I apologise in advance. Please feel free to drop me a line, or even send me a map.

You missed off my details!

Ooop. Sorry. Please take a look at the new entry request form and I'll get back to you straight away.

Use of location maps

The locations given using Google maps show the general location of the Burmese breeder, not their exact address. I spent a while learning my towns and counties, this might make it easier or quicker for you see roughly where they are.

Do you build websites?

Well, yes, I do. If you'd like to talk about having your own website, drop me an email and I'll get back to you.