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Adult Cat advice

Are you thinking about giving an adult Burmese cat a loving new home?

Maybe you don't want the amazing (but at times very tiring) experience of a young kitten in your house, and want to give an older Burmese cat a loving environment he or she can call home?

There are many reasons why adult Burmese cats have to find a new home. A natural result of a breeding programme is an older cat who is no longer suitable for litters of kittens... maybe through illness, temperament... or just because their age means having kittens would be too much of a strain on them and the breeders who own them. Unless these wonderful cats find new homes, breeders could find it difficult to keep doing the best for the breed and bringing new kittens into the world.

Sometimes a family will have to make the heartbreaking decision that they can no longer look after their own Burmese cat. In some cases, these people will contact the original breeder and ask for help with rehoming... you may find some of those cats on the following page. I'm sure you can imagine how very grateful and happy the current owners will be if they know their much loved cat has found a wonderful new home.

An adult Burmese cat may not be ‘free’!
No, not the ‘born free’ type of free. There will most likely be a cost involved if you decide you can give an older Burmese cat a new home. For instance, the breeder will have had to cover the cost of neutering, updating vaccinations, making sure the relevant paperwork is up-to-date… especially with regard to microchipping where a ‘change of registration’ charge is often levied by the providers of this service.

Please don’t get in touch with the breeder if you think there should not be a charge for an adult cat, you will probably be disappointed.

“Ask not what your Burmese can do for you… ask what you can do for your Burmese!”
If you’ve had a Burmese cat in your life and want to have another, it’s quite natural to hope that your next cat will have the same nature, or at least a similar one. Burmese tend to leave their mark on you!

With a kitten, as their personality grows, you grow with it. You’ll fall in love with their new characteristics and the whole Burmese experience will blend into one. With an adult cat, you’ll both need to get used to each other… if you start with a shopping list of characteristics you need in an adult cat, you’ll probably be disappointed.

I’m pretty sure the breeder who hopes to re-home one of their gorgeous Burmese will be looking for someone who is thinking about what will be best for the cat, just as much as their own hopes and wishes.

So, give a home to an older Burmese… then allow yourselves time to get to know and love each other, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Remember… ask not what your Burmese can do for you – ask what you can do for your Burmese!

If you don't find an adult Burmese cat on the Adult Cat Pages…
Don't forget that the main Burmese clubs and associations have excellent rehoming programmes and will be very happy to help you find the most suitable Burmese cat for your individual circumstances.