Why is the breeder prefix marked ’TBA’

Breeders and the GCCF

Breeders sometimes have to wait before their GCCF prefix is registered
Most cat clubs prefer that the breeder is a member of their club or society for twelve months before they are asked to sponsor the breeders’ GCCF prefix application.

In addition, there can often be a wait while other members of clubs, societies or associations are given the chance to comment on the proposed prefix, for example if the new prefix sounds similar to one that already exists.

It is quite possible for the Queen of a new breeder to have a litter before their GCCF prefix has been registered. They will then need to use an ‘administrative prefix’ (a non-prefix registration) when registering their kittens with the GCCF as described below.

Breeders may chose not to register with the GCCF
A breeder may decide they do not want to go through the registration process with the GCCF. This does not preclude them from registering their kittens with the GCCF, but they will have to use an ‘administrative prefix’ (a non-prefix registration).

Non-Prefix Registrations and the GCCF
Since October 1982, if a breeder doesn’t have a registered GCCF prefix, an ‘administrative prefix’ can been used instead. These administrative prefixes are changed each January.

For example:

Adurtbu: a Burmese cat/kitten registered in 2014
Adthibu: a Burmese cat/kitten registered in 2013
Adzwobu: a Burmese cat/kitten registered in 2012

The registered name of the cat cannot be longer than 26 characters (including spaces, and the actual administrative prefix).

You can find out more about Non-Prefix Registrations on the GCCF website.

As ever, please read our Advice page for more information on what you should expect from a breeder when buying a kitten and make sure that you are happy with all the information you are given before entering into any agreements.